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Pros of Buying Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Used GMC Sierra

When looking for a used car, you have two choices: buy from an individual selling it on side of the road, or buy it from a certified dealership. Both ways are perfectly acceptable, but here are some reasons why you may want to go the certified route.

Quality: One major advantage of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is that they are usually in better quality/condition than a used car for sale on the side of the road. This is because cars are only given the certified label if they pass certain tests. Dealerships will only issue certified pre-owned warranties after a comprehensive inspection that ensures the car in question does not have any serious defects or problems. Most dealerships also require that their certified pre-owned vehicles be free of any serious accidents and have reasonably new tires and brakes.

Roadside Assistance: Another advantage of certified pre-owned vehicles that you may come across is the inclusion of roadside assistance. While this isn't guaranteed, it is definitely a nice perk. Roadside assistance provides drivers with piece of mind with its inclusion of free towing, rental car reimbursement and other benefits.

Warranty: The largest benefit you will find with purchasing a certified pre-owned cars instead of a standard used car sold by an individual is its warranty coverage. While some used cars do have some of their factory warranty remaining, this is not always the case. Certified pre-owned programs offer extended existing warranties which provides you with longer coverage.

Depreciation: While some things increase their depreciation (value) over time (collectibles and paintings), other things decrease in value. One thing that loses depreciation is cars. New cars, for instance, lose value the fastest with up to 40% lost within their first year. Some other reasons cars lose value is nicks, scratches, dents, and more serious accidents.

Used cars decrease in depreciation much more slowly, mostly because its previous owners have already lost most of its value before you even own it. In the end, this means you will lose less money if you decide to sell later.

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