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Drive Safe In The Ford F-150 With These Defensive Driving Tips

Ford F-150

In the market for a pickup truck? There are many new and used models and brands out there to choose from. One, for instance, that may check everything off your must-have list is the Ford F-150. The F-150 is a popular pickup truck that provides efficient power, towing and hauling capabilities, and more no matter which model year you choose. But when you invest in a vehicle – even used – you want to make sure you do what it takes to keep it safe on the road. A lot of this means staying on top of regular maintenance services and fixing any repairs that come up. But, another important factor is your driving skills. Being a defensive driver is a very important part of road safety. Here are some important things to know.


Maintain Focus. To be a defensive driver, you must maintain focus. Concentrate on the road at all times and check your mirrors as needed. There are many things that can cause driver distraction – texting, eating, tending to a child, etc. To maintain good focus on the road, distractions should be avoided.


Keep Eyes Active. A ky trick to being a defensive driver is to keep your eyes active. This means continuously checking your mirrors, scanning the road ahead, and looking for hazards and slowing traffic. By keeping your eyes active you are able to anticipate problems before they develop and take the necessary actions or precautions.


Stay Alert. Being tired or upset can cause you to drive poorly due to slower reaction time and a lack of focus. In order to be a defensive and safe driver, only get behind the wheel of a car if you are alert.


Keep Up With Traffic. While you don't want to follow the lead of cars on that road that are going much too fast, it is a good idea to keep up with the flow of traffic. Driving too fast is a major cause of accidents, and driving too slow can be just as dangerous. By driving at the speed of most other vehicles around you, you will keep yourself and others on the road much safer.


Be Visible. Just as you need to see vehicles around you, others need to be able to see you, too. Otherwise, accidents are inevitable. The ultimate way to make your presence known on the road is to make sure all of your turn signals, headlights, and brake lights are working – and to use them with required.


Another important thing to remember is to avoid blind spots. Don't linger in areas where the driver in front of you can't see you. Lurking slightly behind and a lane away from another vehicle is a dangerous place to be. Many people only check their mirrors before making a lane change, which makes this spot a danger zone. Avoid this scenario by speeding up and passing the vehicle or by slowing down so they can see you well.


Avoid Anger Behind The Wheel. Sure, other drivers may irritate you. They may even infuriate you at times. But don't retaliate! This is a dangerous tactic that can quickly, and easily, lead to an accident. Also avoid getting behind the wheel if you are in an angry state – it will only result in trouble.


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