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Top 5 Essential Maintenance Tips for the 2016 Ford F-150

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When you own an F-150, you are driving the top pickup SUV ever designed. If you wish to prolong the life of your vehicle for as long as possible, you will need to invest time to get better educated on how your pickup works and what activities to constantly do to ensure the maintenance of your vehicle. Vehicle maintenance is an art that all car users should learn especially those who do not wish to buy a brand new vehicle every year. Once you learn how to maintain your pickup properly, it will provide the reliability that lasts for years. Here are some maintenance tips brought to you by Internet Auto Boise that you could follow in ensuring the longevity of your Ford F-150. Internet Auto Boise is a highly reputable certified used car dealership in Idaho that offers the most affordable sedans, CUVs, SUVs, pickups, and compact crossovers in the state.

Tip 1- Oil Maintenance

Maintaining proper oil levels in your pickup is essential for it to perform properly. It is recommended that you have your pickup’s oil changed every 5,000 miles travelled. To check the current state of your pickup’s oil, you will need to open its hood and take out the oil dip-stick. Have a paper towel or a napkin on hand and wipe the dip stick. If you napkin or towel has gathered dark colored oil, this is a sign that you must have your pickup’s oil changed immediately. Keep in mind that if old and dirty oil accumulates in your engine, this could end causing extremely serious problems that may cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Tip 2- Coolant Maintenance

The next important maintenance activity that you must regularly do is the coolant or cooling system maintenance check. This system is your air-conditioning and if you have a faulty system on a warm summer day, you will feel miserable while driving your pickup. Like your oil, the coolant also has a compartment in your engine. Open this compartment to inspect the coolant liquid. Get a paper napkin or towel and wipe the edges of the coolant compartment. If the liquid is darkish and dirty, this is a sign that you must replace your vehicle’s coolant. When you fail to maintain your cooling system, this could lead to your pickup’s engine over-heating right away on the road. It could also clog up your radiator, which causes hundreds of dollars to repair.

Tip 3- Battery Maintenance

Without a battery, your pickup will be lifeless. Battery maintenance is extremely essential to having a well-performing pickup. Battery maintenance can be achieved by regularly inspecting your battery’s terminal cover to see if there are any signs of corrosion. If there are, it is essential that you get a used toothbrush and brush off all excess dirt. You can even go to your nearest hardware store and purchase a can of battery terminal protection spray to use in your battery maintenance activity. Be sure to spray both terminals of your battery regularly.

Tip 4- Vehicle Cleanliness

Since you regularly use your pickup and have guests riding with you from time to time, it is essential that you ensure the cleanliness of your vehicle. Regular cleaning of your pickup should be done at least 2 to 3 times a week especially if your use your vehicle regularly. Maintaining a clean pickup is easy as you only have to do a few activities. The first is to perform a visual inspection on all the carpeting, seats, cup holders, storage bins, and glove compartments and check for dust. Next, sit inside the vehicle’s cabin and smell as many areas as possible. If your nose detects foul odors, it is time for you to shampoo your carpets, and vacuum your entire cabin. It is also essential that you smell the roof of your vehicle and clean this regularly by using soap or shampoo.

Tip 5- Accessory Maintenance

If you wish to enjoy the technology and utility features of your pickup for as long as possible, you must also ensure their regular maintenance. Check all power automated items such as seats, windows, locks, child locks, and sun roofs. Make sure that these interior features are operating properly without any lag or delay, which is a sign that they are not operating optimally. You must also regularly inspect your USB ports and input jack locations to see for signs of rusting. If you do see dirt and rust, it is imperative that you get a towel or napkin and wipe away excess dirt.  If they show faulty performance, it is essential that you have them immediately checked by a mechanic. Sometimes, it is even more effective to hire an electrician if your tech features are state-of-the-art.


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