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The Cooling System and Common Problems

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New or used, the GMC Sierra is one of the top full-size pickup trucks on the market. It's loved for its powerful and fuel-efficient engines, well-built and comfortable interior, and quiet on-road demeanor. But, just like any vehicle, problems can occur. One of the most dramatic malfunctions a vehicle can experience is radiator problems. With the heat and pressure that's contained within the cooling system, radiator problems can lead to a cloud of steam and a disabled vehicle. But while the radiator is often to blame, there are many other reasons your vehicle's cooling system is not working correctly. Here are some of the most common problems found in the cooling system.


Failed Thermostat

When a vehicle overheats, the most common culprit is a failed thermostat. While the thermostat is not actually a part of the radiator, it does play a very important role in its health by controlling how much coolant can flow in and out. This helps keep the engine at an optimal operating temperature. When a thermostat fails, the result is an overheating car.


Radiator Hose Leak

If your cooling system has sprung a leak, it's not usually the radiator that's to blame; it's usually the radiator hoses. Hoses connect the radiator to the engine, allowing coolant to flow between the two. Unfortunately, radiator hoses are prone to failure over time and need to be replaced periodically – whether they are working or not.


Radiator Leak

While radiator hoses are typically responsible for leaks, the radiator can also be to blame. Radiator leaks are much harder to locate and repair than leaks in radiator hoses, so you may have your work cut out for you. To tell if a leak is coming from the radiator, look for clues such as bubbles or steam. Also note that while radiators can sometimes be patched, it can be pretty tricky, leaving you with the sole option of buying a new one.


Water Pump Failure

A key component of an automotive cooling system is the water pump. Its job is to move coolant throughout the engine in order to regulate the temperature. Water is pumped through the radiator, past the pump, into the engine and then forced back into the radiator. If your vehicle suffers from a failed water pump, water is no longer able to circulate properly, which leads to overheating.


Trapped Air in the Cooling System

If your vehicle has been running warmer than usual, it could be due to air in the cooling system. If air becomes trapped in the cooling system, the flow of coolant becomes restricted, and in turn, the cooling system becomes less efficient and overheating occurs.


Obstruction in the Cooling System

If your cooling system suffers from an obstruction, it will ultimately overheat. When an obstruction occurs, it becomes difficult for coolant to flow as efficiently as it should. Obstructions can also restrict the flow of air through the radiator, which make the transfer of heat to air impossible. This problem can be caused by a number of things such as bent fins or body damage from an accident.

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