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Top Reasons to Opt for a Used Car Like the Chrysler 200

 Used Chrysler

If given the choice between getting a new car or one that is used, most would quickly opt for new. Sure, there are several perks to owning a brand-new car (new-car smell, no previous owners, etc.), but used cars are actually a much more worthy investment.

First, imagine a used car. What does it look like? If you're like most, the initial picture of a used car that comes to mind is not a very good one. It is probably old, full of dings, and very well worn inside and out. Sure, this vision may be accurate every now and then (there are definitely some lemons out there!), used care are typically in very good condition.


Take the Chrysler 200, for example. Standing as a midsize sedan, consumers love the Chrysler 200 for its strong engine, composed ride and handling, high-quality materials, and much much more. And it doesn't matter which model year you choose, because the Chrysler 200 has been showing off sought-after qualities for years.


If you are in the market for a car, here are the top reasons to opt for used.


Better Price

New cars show off bright and shiny paint, all of the latest features, and an overall fresh feeling inside and out. But, all of these things come at a cost – and it's a very high cost! The price gap between new and used cars is a huge $20,000! That's a hefty chunk of change for a fresh coat of paint. Used cares are just as visually appealing as new ones – so much so that you may not even be able to tell it's used. Just think of it this way: with savings as high as $20,000, you could buy two used cars for the price of one.


Better Depreciation Value

A major pro for used cars is better depreciation value. New cars lose a huge portion of their value immediately – as in the second they roll of the dealership lot. In fact, in just the first year of a new car's life, up to 40% of its value is lost.

Used cars also don't cause as much mental depreciation as new cars. Any dings a used car has got them well before you buy it, so there's no need to worry about any “first” dings or chips because the previous owner already took care of those for you.



New cars are only new for one to two years. This means a very limited list of vehicles to choose from. Used cars, on the other hand, offer a much wider, almost never-ending list of options. Do you have your eye set on a 2002 Chrysler 200? What about a 1979 Mustang? Buying used means an unlimited list of choices, which means you can pretty much drive what you have your heart set on.



Shopping for and buying used cars today is much different than it was in years past. This is in large thanks to technology. Before, hen you decided to shop for a used car, you had to trust solely in the seller and what they told you about the car for sale. Today, however, consumers have knowledge right at their fingertips with the internet's many websites. One, for example, is CarFax. This well-known and well-loved website allows you to find out historical information about a specific vehicle – when/if it has been in an accident, parts that have been replaced, how many owners it has had, etc. This means sellers can't just tell you what you want to hear in order to make a sale. Instead, you are able to make a well-informed decision on whether or not you want to invest in a vehicle.


For more information on the Chrysler 200 and other used cars, click here.

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