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Warning Signs Your Ford F-250 Needs a Tune-Up

2013 Ford Super Duty F-250 - Internet Auto Rent and Sales - Boise, ID


No matter what model year of the Ford Super Duty F-250 you purchase, is a standout pickup truck for many reasons, like power, strength and reliability. But as time goes on, no matter what vehicle you drive, they all run a bit less smooth than the day they first came on the market. The best way to keep your pickup truck in prime condition is via regular maintenance services, like oil changes, brake inspections, and so on. If you have an older model of the F-250, you may be noticing some of signs that it's in need of a tune-up. Continue reading to learn the warning signs that a tune-up is in order.


Warning Lights

Check your dashboard. Have any of your warning lights sprung to life? If so, this is a definite sign that you should take your truck in for a tune-up. While warning lights don't always mean there is immediate trouble, it could mean problems are lurking just around the corner. To ensure your truck is in good condition, it is always a good idea to get all illuminated warning lights diagnosed as soon as possible. You may only be dealing with something as simple as a burned out taillight, but it could be something much more serious, like a transmission failure. By diagnosing and fixing minor problems, you can prevent larger, more costly problems down the road.



Has your truck suddenly started stalling at intersections, when accelerating, or other times? Not only is stalling a warning sign that something isn't working as it should, but it also puts you at risk for very dangerous situations. Engines are designed to deliver a reliable performance at all times, so if it begins to stall, it's important to have it inspected. There are a number of things that could be wrong, such as a bad spark plug or clogged fuel filter.


Poor Fuel Mileage

Do you feel as though you are spending more and more time and money filling up your gas tank? If you aren't driving more than usual, and you're sure no one is taking your truck on secret late night spins around town, this could be a sign of trouble. A sudden decrease in fuel mileage indicates your truck isn't operating as efficiently as it should. Whether it's due to improper tire pressure, a sticking brake pad, or other reason, be sure to take your car in for a tune-up. A professional mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem, and with a proper fix, your fuel mileage will be restored and so will your wallet.


Soft or Noisy Brakes

Just because your truck is getting older doesn't mean your brakes should shows signs of aging. Your brakes should never be noisy, not should it feel as though your'e going to mash the brake pedal through the floor just to come to a stop. If your brakes are squealing, squeaking or grinding, or you feel a rhythmic vibration when the brakes are applied, watch out! These are tell-tale signs of brake problems. Brake pads, rotors and brake fluid all wear out over time, which means they need to be maintained and replaced periodically. If you are dealing with any of the problems described – or other potential braking issues – don't wait around! Get your brakes inspected before it's too late.


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