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For an Excellent Used Car, Opt for the 2015 Toyota Corolla

Used 2015 Toyota Corolla - Internet Auto Rent and Sales - Boise, ID


When shopping for a used car, it's a good idea to invest in a trustworthy brand that is known for its reliability. One automotive nameplate that is worth your time is Toyota. As you most likely already known, Toyota is a well-loved automotive brand that provides a huge list of vehicles that include everything from comfort and high-tech features to good fuel economy and reliability. So which one would make a good choice when buying used? The answer: the 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Enjoy Trim Levels

When it comes to finding a car that hits all categories on your check list, it's all about getting the right trim level. The 2015 Toyota Corolla comes in five different trim levels, each featuring an enjoyable list of content. If you find the 2015 Corolla's LE trim, you will be awarded a solid mix of standard and upscale items. It includes:

  • Heated mirrors

  • Variable intermittent wipers

  • Keyless entry

  • Metallic cabin accents

  • Automatic climate controlled

  • Rearview camera

Electronics also boast a number of great items, such as:

  • 6-speaker sound system with 6” touchscreen display

  • Bluetooth audio connectivity

  • Phonebook downloading capability and voice controls

Another trim that makes a great find is the 2015 Corolla LE Premium. This fully-loaded trim sorts niceties, like foglights, sunroof, keyless entry/ignition, heated front seats and power driver seat. Tech features include sought-after content, such as:

  • Satellite radio

  • HD radio

  • Navigation system

  • Entune App suite mobile-integration

  • Roof-mounted antenna

The 2015 Corolla also comes in some sportier trims – the S, S Plus and S Premium. These trims add sport-related equipment and features, including:

  • Rear spoiler

  • Sport driving mode

  • Sport instrumentation

  • Chrome exhaust tip

  • Sport front seatsPowerRemoteUnique wheel covers

  • Foglights

  • Chrome grille frame

An Impressive Interior

Considering that our time is spent mostly on the inside of our vehicles, it makes perfect sense to want our cars to have a good interior. The 2015 Corolla shows off an impressive interior that features comfort, space and ease of use.

Comfort and space are truly excellent in the Corolla with seats that provide adequate support and legroom that is better than most other compact sedans in its class. Head- and legroom is especially abundant with enough space for those of tall height. This abundant leg space is due to the Corolla's wheelbase that is 3.9 inches longer than its previous models. The backseat also has a flat floor, which greatly increases comfort for rear passengers, particularly the one in the middle.

Cargo space is also worth noting. While the 2015 Corolla comes with an average trunk size of 13 cubic feet, it is designed with a wide opening, which makes loading and unloading cargo much simpler.

Good Fuel Economy

It's hard to beat a Toyota when it comes to fuel economy, and the 2015 Corolla is one Toyota that provides fuel efficiency. This is especially shown with its eco trim levels that feature special equipment to enhance fuel efficiency. The LE Eco, for example, comes with an efficiency-maximizing engine and transmission, low-rolling-resistance tires, rear spoiler and enhanced aerodynamics. If saving fuel is important to you, you can't go wrong with a Toyota like the 2015 Corolla.

For more information on the 2015 Toyota Corolla, drop by our dealership in Mechanicsburg, PA.


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