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Used Car Sales

Brand new cars are great, but their high price tags and quick depreciation rate can make many people apprehensive about making such a large investment. This is why used cars can be such a good choice for so many. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to buy a used car that turns out to be nothing but a lemon – an extremely sour lemon actually! To avoid purchasing a potential lemon, follow the checklist below.

Test Drive: Never buy a used car without test driving it first. The car may look amazing on the outside, but that doesn't mean it's not a real clunker under the hood. During a test drive, make sure to drive on both local roads and highways. This is the best way to get a more accurate feel for how the car responds and performs. Another thing to check during a test drive is the condition of the brakes. Use the brakes in both long and short stops to ensure they are working as they should. Also, use your time behind the wheel to listen for any unusual sounds and to make sure all electronics are working properly.

Check For Leaks: A car that leaks (anywhere!) is a major red flag. During your test drive, stop to park the car in a clean area on the road, and let it run for a good 30 seconds. Then, check underneath the car for any signs of a leak. Look for these fluid colors:

Black – oil leak

Green – antifreeze leak

Pink – transmission leak

Mechanic Inspection: One thing you should always do before buying a used car is have it inspected by a mechanic or certified technician. Having a mechanic inspect the car is the only real way to know if there are any hidden or potential problems – otherwise you risk huge costs down the road with things like engine and transmission repairs. Seeing a professional mechanic can also help assist you I determining the car's value so you can ensure you are getting a good deal.

For more tips on buying a used car, click here.


Internet Auto Rent & Sales in Boise sells used carstrucks and SUVs that are like new that include  Chrysler,  FordHyundaiChevyDodgeRamNissanHondaBMWToyota and many more. We are located in Boise, ID, near to Meridian and Nampa.

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Used GMC Sierra

When looking for a used car, you have two choices: buy from an individual selling it on side of the road, or buy it from a certified dealership. Both ways are perfectly acceptable, but here are some reasons why you may want to go the certified route.

Quality: One major advantage of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is that they are usually in better quality/condition than a used car for sale on the side of the road. This is because cars are only given the certified label if they pass certain tests. Dealerships will only issue certified pre-owned warranties after a comprehensive inspection that ensures the car in question does not have any serious defects or problems. Most dealerships also require that their certified pre-owned vehicles be free of any serious accidents and have reasonably new tires and brakes.

Roadside Assistance: Another advantage of certified pre-owned vehicles that you may come across is the inclusion of roadside assistance. While this isn't guaranteed, it is definitely a nice perk. Roadside assistance provides drivers with piece of mind with its inclusion of free towing, rental car reimbursement and other benefits.

Warranty: The largest benefit you will find with purchasing a certified pre-owned cars instead of a standard used car sold by an individual is its warranty coverage. While some used cars do have some of their factory warranty remaining, this is not always the case. Certified pre-owned programs offer extended existing warranties which provides you with longer coverage.

Depreciation: While some things increase their depreciation (value) over time (collectibles and paintings), other things decrease in value. One thing that loses depreciation is cars. New cars, for instance, lose value the fastest with up to 40% lost within their first year. Some other reasons cars lose value is nicks, scratches, dents, and more serious accidents.

Used cars decrease in depreciation much more slowly, mostly because its previous owners have already lost most of its value before you even own it. In the end, this means you will lose less money if you decide to sell later.

To learn more about certified pre-owned cars, click here


Internet Auto Rent & Sales in Boise sells used carstrucks and SUVs that are like new that include ChryslerFordHyundaiChevyDodgeRam,NissanHondaBMWToyota and many more. We are located in Boise, ID, near to Meridian and Nampa.

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Used 2015 Ford Fusion

Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. So how do you invest in a car but still keep some money in your pocket? The answer: buy used. Believe it or not, buying a used car comes with many advantages. Here's a look at the top four.

Lower Price, Less Depreciation: New cars may seem like the cherry on top of an already delicious ice cream, but if you take the price and depreciation value into consideration, that sweet treat may begin to lose its appeal. Used cars are a better bargain in a number of ways. One, their price tag is up to thousands lower than that of new cars, and two, they don't lose almost half of their value within the first year you own them. This means you will lose money less quickly, which is always a good thing.

Registration Fees: When you buy a car, you will need to pay to have it registered. Typically, the annual rate of your registration fee is based on your car's value and model year. Rate are also highest during a car's first three years. Purchasing a used car means you avoid new car registration fees if you opt for one that is at least three to five years old.

Cheaper Features: New cars can be equipped with a mile-long list of optional add-ons and features. While this can be part of the fun of buying a new car, many of these add-ons and features are just extras you will never even use. Not to mention, it bumps up the final price of the car enormously. They can also make resale harder and won't equal to a bigger payout like many think. When you buy a used car, you may not get all the extra jazz, but you won't end up paying a fortune for extra things you don't really want or need.

Condition: When people first think of a used car, they tend to imagine a car that is old, full of miles, and in need of repairs and a paint job. But this is purely just a stigma that has developed over the generations. There are, of course, always used cars out there that aren't going to run or look like a dream, but there are also many excellent used cars out there that work and look brand new. Some are even so new you may still detect a hint of that sought-after new-car smell.

To check out our inventory of used cars, click here.

Internet Auto Rent & Sales in Boise sells used carstrucks and SUVs that are like new that include  Chrysler,  Ford,  Hyundai,  Chevy,  Dodge,  RamNissan,  Honda,  BMW,  Toyota and many more. We are located in Boise, ID, near to Meridian and Nampa.

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Chrysler 200 Used Car

Review Of 2015 Chrysler 200

The arrival of the 2015 Chrysler 200 was a boom in the auto market. Many auto makers referred to it as a legitimate contender to number one in the race of mid-sized sedans. Offering a sleek design, powerful engine, and pleasing visual beauty for residents of Boise, Idaho. However, prior to buying the car, you must know all about its exclusive and breathtaking features. So read on to discover how this sleek beauty stands out in the crowd.

The 2015 Chrysler 200 Exterior

The 2015 Chrysler 200 exterior broke its previous trend of the familiar Detroit design. When the car was launched, it was found to have a European look: the sleeker and aerodynamic body of the car was complemented with sweeping lines and a vibrant winged Chrysler badge that made it stand out against the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

The 2015 Chrysler 200 Powerful Engine

The driving force is the engine upgrade. It is the same as the 2013version of a 3.6-liter. However, this time, it has reached to 295 horsepower from 283. In addition to this, the 2015 Chrysler 200 has also been designed with a nine-speed automatic transmission that is operated and controlled using a rotary dial. The nine-speed transmission not only boosted the speed output of the car, but has also improved its fuel economy, resulting in less stops at the pump.

The Interior of 2015 Chrysler 200

The interior of 2015 Chrysler 200 is completely redefined providing the driver and passenger with more comfort and literally, the best driving experience. The cabin's material and design is enough to describe its elegance and subtle beauty. There is more backseat legroom increasing it to 37.6 inches.

Cargo and Storage Capacity

The smart transformation from a conventional transmission shifter to an advanced rotary dial has widened the storage space beneath the dial, making it open enough to hold a table.
Moreover, the Chrysler 200 also has a sliding cup-holder setup that perfectly matches with the rest of the interiors of the car.

Internet Auto Rent & Sales in Boise sells used cars, trucks and SUVs that are like new that include Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Chevy, Dodge, Ram, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Toyota and many more.

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