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Front End Alignment Service in Boise

The road can be a bit rough at times. From everyday driving, potholes, curbs, and your car's age, it's important to get a front end alignment service. Fortunately, our Boise service center is up for the task to have you ready and set for the road ahead.

Signs Your Vehicle is Out of Alignment

If you start to notice the following, then your vehicle may be out of alignment.

  • Car pulls to the right or left: Notice you're slightly moving in a certain direction without intentionally doing so? This is an important symptom of misalignment in tires.
  • Uneven tire wear: One indicator your alignment is off if tire wear is not even. You can visually inspect yourself, or our technicians can do so for you.
  • Steering wheel isn't center while driving straight: No matter what model you drive, every vehicle should drive straight if the steering wheel is centered. If your steering wheel is hovering to a certain side, bring it into our service center.
  • You have driven more than 12,000 miles since last service: If you have driven more than 12,000 miles since your last alignment service, then it's time to get another inspection.

Why Visit Internet Auto Rent & Sales Service Center?

Our expert mechanics are prepared to take care of anything that's happening with your car. No job is too big or too small! We're here for alignments, oil changes, all the way to major repairs. You can find our service center right in Boise, making it simple and fast commute. Because car maintenance can be an inconvenience, we accommodate our customers by offering online scheduling. We are also open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Service Review

"I'm impressed with how they are and how they work with their customers. I definitely would recommend them." - Shaydon S. (Google)

Owner Resources

To learn more about what our service center offers, please check the links below.

If your vehicle requires an alignment service, please contact Internet Auto Rent & Sales by calling (208) 672-8100.

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