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Summer Road Trips


Now that summer has arrived, you’ll likely want to take road trips to new exciting places. Before you head off on your own or even with a group, you should prepare your car for the new adventures. Our expert technicians at our Boise used car dealership fix up a variety of different vehicles, and they’ve seen the serious consequences of car defects left unchecked. We recommend bringing in your vehicle for auto repair or a simple routine inspection to ensure your car is ready for whatever challenges it faces on your summer road trip.

Summer Car Maintenance in Boise

There are so many great reasons to come to our service center at our Boise dealership before you go on your summer road trip. For one, essential car parts like your tires can experience turmoil leading up to the summer, so your tire pressure and tread need inspection to avoid blowouts. In warm weather, your vehicle’s fluids like your coolant often need refilling or you could risk overheating your engine. Our technicians can quickly top off your car oil, coolant, automatic transmission fluid, power steering and brake fluid to make sure your car is running efficiently.

Another key car part that needs attention before a summer road trip is your brake system. Whether they are making noises or feeling worn down, your brakes should always be checked often to avoid potential accidents.

For more information on preparing your vehicle for summer road trips, contact us and schedule service at Internet Auto Rent & Sales Boise today.